Natural Relaxers

Premium, pure, unadultered, nature soundscapes that are free from any type of human generated noise. Perfect for all meditation, relaxation, and background music while you work. Looped (∞) tracks are made from 5 minute samples.

Canyon Winds
Endless Waves
Forest Symphony
Deep in the Woods
Calling for the Rain
Rain Outside Your Window
Swampland Symphony
Grassland Symphony
Calming Crickets

Meditative Ambience

Calm, soothing, slow paced tracks to help you relax while taking your mind to far away places. Perfect for shallow meditation and beginners who fall asleep easily.

No One For Miles7 min
Biocosmos7 min
Beacon Signal7 min
Hovering Above12 min
Goodbye Sun16 min
A Gap In Time16 min
Soothing Winds17 min
Dreaming Away26 min

Deeper Ambience

Slower, deeper pitched versions of ambient tracks have their high pitched sounds knocked down and are less distracting to the mind. Their slower pace allows deeper meditation, just be carefull not to fall asleep.

No One For Miles8 min
Biocosmos8 min
Beacon Signal9 min
Hovering Above14 min
Goodbye Sun19 min
A Gap In Time19 min
Soothing Winds20 min
Dreaming Away30 min